Company Formation

Company Formation, the services include: bylaws and company activity; Notary, Company’s name registration, application for Tax/Vat number, business plan, if needed)

Self employed

Register as a Freelancer, self-employed (“autónomo”), the services include: get NIE, register at Tax Agency, register at Social Security, get a Medical Insurance Card

Branch Office

Set up a Branch Office, the services include: bylaws and company activity, Notary, Name validation, Tax/Vat Number, Commercial Register assignment, digital certificate)

Representative Office

Set up a Representative Office, the services include: digital certificate, social security registration, business plan, management-if needed.

Purchase a Company

Purchase a Company – drafting the shareholders’/equity deeds, perform Due Diligence both at Taxing and Social security, Notary, name change-in needed.

Close down a Company

Close down a Company- close license at Commercial Register, Tax Service, Social Security, Tax declarations with zero activity.


Management of Payments at Tax Agency – certificates, monthly payments, tax declarations, social security declarations upon request

Tax Due Diligence

Tax Due Diligence- verification of any possible business partners to ensure the financial statements are correct and legal

Submitting Tax

Submitting Tax/Administration Forms- the Spanish legislation obliges the Tax declarations to be submitted every 3 months and the annual declaration in January of the next year.

VAT system Registration

VAT system Registration- obligatory for both self-employed and companies

Property Purchase & Sale

Property Purchase and Sale- we will represent the customer and guide you through the whole process, virtual tours of properties are also available

Mortgage Assistance

Mortgage Assistance with documents at the bank- drafting and filing all the requested documents by the bank.