Golden Visa

Golden Visa for Private Investors-: minimum investment of 500.000€, NIE, Read More

Study Visa

Visa for stays exceeding 90 days for studies, training, internships or voluntary work. This visa may also be issued for stays for au pairs and for conversation class assistants.

Researcher Visa

Visa to engage in training, research, development and innovation activities at public or private entities

Internship visa

Visa for foreigners who have obtained a university degree in the past two years Read More

General scheme for the family reunification visa

Visa for family members of foreigners who already have legal resident status in Spain and who wish to exercise the right to family reunification. Read More

Employee visa

Visa for people aged 16 and over who wish to work as employees in Spain (with a work contract). This visa covers seasonal work activities.

Self-employed work visa

​Visa for people aged 16 or over who seek to engage in self-employed activity in Spain. Read More

Visa for highly qualified workers and for intra-company transfers

Visa for highly qualified workers: Visa to carry out a work activity as an employee in Spain as a highly qualified professional, member of senior management Read More

Entrepreneur visa

Visa for foreigners moving to Spain to carry out the procedures necessary to undertake an innovative, entrepreneurial activity of Read More

Non-working residence visa

Visa to reside in Spain without carrying out any gainful (work or professional) activity, Read More

Long-term residence or EU long-term residence recovery visa

Long-term resident status can be recovered by foreigners who have held a long-term residence permit in Spain Read More